• Hedefimiz Her Yıl 3 GW GÜNEŞ
VIA Twins Plaza Söğütözü Mahallesi 2177. Sokak No:10 B Blok Daire:114 Çankaya/ANKARA


Especially as a first step in industrial roofing projects, it aims to be on the investor’s side in a sustainable way by acting with the slogan ‘static compliance first’, performing a wide feasibility study that addresses all engineering details and always with an unbiased material selection.During installation on industrial roofs, mechanical or electrical functioning by making you aware of how important it is to integrate a wheel before installation static electricity and TEDAŞ approval process and prepare all of the projects with the thoroughness basic application completes successfully.During the installation, adhering to the principle of ‘occupational health safety first’, it successfully continues its installation activities both on land and on roofs with its professional teams.

Drew attention to the importance of renewable energy for future generations, share in the installation of photovoltaic energy systems from the level gigawatt all over the world, with projects completed across the United States by prioritizing customer values and to contribute to the common denominator always produce the right sustainable projects based on science and Engineering aims to be a brand for the project.