• Hedefimiz Her Yıl 3 GW GÜNEŞ
VIA Twins Plaza Söğütözü Mahallesi 2177. Sokak No:10 B Blok Daire:114 Çankaya/ANKARA


We focus on renewable and sustainable energy systems. Gumbel Group continues investment, consultancy, operation&maintenance, EPC activities on Solar Energy Santrals and online sales and wholesale of products related Solar Power within the framework of Gumbel Enerji, Heran Enerji, Elseroof Enerji, Güneşfix Enerji and Else Enerji group companies.

Solar Power Plants, located in three districts in two cities, having 18 MW installed power capacity that belong to our group companies are operational.

In industry, as Gunesfix, one of our group companies, we produce SPP mounting structures for domestic and international markets with the international standards and quality.

Our e-commerce platform, www.solaravm.com where you can find solar panels, inverters, storage systems and even all-in-one products for Solar PV applications is at your service on 7/24.

As Gumbel Group, we focused on usiness intelligence applications with data mining and machine learning in the software industry. At the same time, we produce the software required for our R&D center and other group companies locally within our group.

While achieving digital transformation of our group companies at one side, we at the same time, prepare to launch as a digital transformation product to the market the consultancy processes for solar power plants that we currently provide.

As Gumbel Group, we believe that the only constant and that will not change in all this turmoil is the book.

Gumbel Publishing, which is the brand of our company Gumbel Yazılım, will continue to offer you this constant under changing conditions. The first book of our publishing house, Hunlar, is on sale in many media related to the book..

Mustafa Herdem successfully utilized the field experiences he gained as an Electrical Engineer in different segments of our first field of activity, the energy sector. Besides his personal success, he has created companies that are active in different business lines in order to contribute to the intellectual heritage of Turkey.