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Our year of entry into the sector started in 2008 with Metanet, its main flagship. Between 2008 and 20012, we carried out the sales of micro projects and the investment analysis and proposal project works of medium-sized SPP projects. As the market started to settle in full since 2012 and the regulations were issued, we started to structure as United Solar in 2012, within the scope of EPC / contracting works, and with the company United Solar, whose main goal is to develop and implement sustainable, engineering, design and efficiency-oriented projects. we said hello.

We carry out our work with the awareness that we should always try to take our work one step further, with the awareness of being the first company to implement the roof top lift project in Turkey.

It is well known that Turkey’s geography has rich resources in terms of renewable energy, especially solar energy. This is the really moving T.C. The energy targets set by the government for 2020 and the roadmap determined to reach these targets have turned Turkey into an investment paradise in this field.

The main motivation source that will ensure the profitability of any investment that can be made in the field of solar energy in Turkey; It would be an incomplete approach to state that only and alone the geography of Turkey is exposed to longer sun exposure compared to Asia and Europe.

In order to be a profitable investment tool; A system that will generate electricity from solar energy should firstly be expected to provide the “high level total system efficiency” feature, and more importantly, the sustainability of efficiency should be essential. The concept of efficiency, which is expressed as “high level”, has a measurable and clear definition that is widely accepted in the international platform and scientific circles.

For Sustainable High Efficiency: United Solar
The three main components of a plant that generates electricity from solar energy

• PV panels,

• Mechanical assembly parts,

• Electrical infrastructure

is expressed as. Installation and commissioning of such a facility; It is far beyond being a contracting job in which these three malignant components are brought together and assembled. Installation and commissioning requires an extremely deep scientific knowledge library and engineering experience.

United Solar, which was brought to life in 2012 by a team that has been working in the field of electricity generation from solar energy for many years, has been carrying out academic research and has gained high level engineering experience thanks to its strategic collaborations in this field, gathered all the savings of its founding partners under one roof and benefited the solar energy market. has opened.

In this context, United Solar;

• Conducts its studies at a scientific level,

• It has high engineering capacity,

• Develops and executes R&D projects intensively,

• By bringing together the installed capacity of its founding partners, it carries out the system production to a large extent within its own structure,

• Focuses on total system efficiency,

• Works for the sustainability of efficiency,

• It has a qualified know-how in its field,

• Performs turnkey (EPC) plant installation,

• Continuously follows the developments in the science agenda in order to keep its knowledge and experience up-to-date,

• Employs qualified engineer staff,

Thanks to these features, United Solar offers to entrepreneurs investing in this field across Turkey.

• Increases the level of pre-investment knowledge and awareness in order to ensure that the investment can be made correctly,

• Transfer and train the know-how they will need in the investment and operation process,

• It establishes systems with high efficiency values ​​and sustainable efficiency performance over the years.