• Hedefimiz Her Yıl 3 GW GÜNEŞ
VIA Twins Plaza Söğütözü Mahallesi 2177. Sokak No:10 B Blok Daire:114 Çankaya/ANKARA


Starting from 2012, studies on solar energy-based electricity generation investment were started, and unlicensed solar power plants with an installed capacity of 2MWe were commissioned for the first time in 2014. With the investments made in the following years, the installed power has increased to 43MWe, 9MWe in the Kayseri region and 34MWe in the Balıkesir region. Finally, in the YEKA SPP-3 competition held by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources on 24.05.2021, the lowest bid was given and the right to establish a 10MWe licensed solar power plant in the Aksaray region was won.

Today, Özkoyuncu Enerji A.Ş. is an experienced and reliable company known in the energy sector for investments based on solar energy. By the end of 2021, the amount of electrical energy produced and supplied to the system in its solar power plants reached 367,095,066 kWh. This corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of approximately 153,000 households. In addition, 356,500 tons of CO2 emissions* were prevented with this environmentally friendly and renewable energy produced.

We are aware of the importance of renewable energy to ensure a sustainable and secure energy supply in our world and to guarantee the future of humanity on our planet.