• Hedefimiz Her Yıl 3 GW GÜNEŞ
VIA Twins Plaza Söğütözü Mahallesi 2177. Sokak No:10 B Blok Daire:114 Çankaya/ANKARA


A company inspired by the sun and providing in-depth service in all areas of the industry.
Akas Energy was established in 2011 to serve in the field of solar energy. It was established by experts who had previously entered the sector in Italy and had intensive sales, marketing and installation activities there. Since its establishment, it has provided solar energy investment consultancy to many companies, installed systems and sold panels with the Solar Nokta brand. The company, which grows day by day, undertook the first 2 projects approved by Akdeniz EDAŞ, both realized the first installations of the region and pioneered the spread of the systems in Turkey. The company currently carries out projects of around 30 MW at different stages. Apart from these projects, it continues its land and project development activities both as an investor and for domestic and foreign investors.

Akas Energy, which has carried its activities abroad since 2019, started to serve in the international market. It develops projects for investors who want to invest in solar abroad and becomes a partner in the projects it develops.