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asunim Group; Established in 2005, it pioneered environmentally friendly technology investments primarily in Spain and Portugal. In line with the high demand brought by the growth in the solar energy sector, ; primarily in Italy, Greece and England markets, it has reached a significant share and succeeded in delivering its products and services to 10 different European countries. With its experience, asunim has signed dozens of projects with different characteristics, sizes and difficulty levels, has proven its quality and has grown with firm steps, with its product range accepted in the sector, and has become one of the leading solar energy companies in Europe. In addition to the Turkey branch established in 2012, it has established branches in the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, and started to serve in the following areas in these two very important markets.

A Group, which officially started its activities in 2005;

– EPC (Turnkey System Installation)

– Supply of products used in PV systems

– Project development and consultancy

– Serving in the fields of maintenance and repair of solar energy systems.

asunim Turkey; It designs customer-specific solutions for solar power plants of all sizes and makes its customers’ investments safe by taking into account regional characteristics. a combines the entire supply chain with its years of experience and provides added value to its investors and projects with the professional logistics and technical support provided by its international team working in different parts of the world.

asunim; supporting the supply and installation of up to 1000MW globally; It works with manufacturers that have proven their quality and are accepted in the sector. These manufacturers; They have proven to be the best in their fields with their workmanship quality, superior design, competitive pricing, on-time delivery, after-sales support and R&D features. It provides flexible, economical and fast solutions to its customers through its warehouses in Ankara, Kayseri (Turkey), Thessaloniki (Greece), Antwerp (Belgium), Valencia (Spain) and Faro (Portugal), which has an extremely wide product range.